Planning your EDC Vegas trip? Save an extra 28% on your hotel booking!

We apologize, the price comparison shown last night was for the wrong dates.  The good news is that as of today, you can still save up to 28% on your EDC Las Vegas accommodations when compared to Expedia.  As shown in the revised graphic below, you can save at any of 22 Strip properti
Hard Rock Hotel

Save Up To 32% On Your Spring Break Hotel Stay!

Price Comparison – Spring Break Hotels in Las Vegas We’re always looking for the best deals, but especially when on a college student budget.  Shown below is a rate comparison, as of today, for a 3-night stay in the heart of Spring Break/March Madness.  As you can see, Hot
Palms Hotel Casino

One example of how much you can save with

  Palms Hotel & Casino – 3 nights – Super Bowl Weekend The screenshot above is just one of many examples of how much you can save using HotelBandit instead of competitor online travel agencies.  Save over 17% on a 3-night stay at Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Ve